Local Sponsor/Sleeping Partner

In order to set up business in UAE, it is required to have a local business partner which must be a citizen of United Arab Emirates. A local business partner acts as a co-owner of the specific business and has nothing do with the company’s internal operations.

The most important concern for the investors is a relationship with the local business partner so it is really important for the businessmen to choose their local business partner carefully. Most of the local business partners happily sponsor the new investors on the basis of fixed yearly remuneration whereas all the other company assets belong to the investors. A reliable business partner provides support for licenses and help dealing with other governmental services. Choosing the right local business partner in UAE is extremely important as it made great impact on your business growth.

We at Tradex business solutions provide complete assistance in terms of finding suitable local business partner with great reputation. Though there are several means to find a local business partner but we highly suggest you to be cautious while choosing one.

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